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Understanding MND booklet

Most people reading this booklet will have experienced a recent diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND) for themselves, a relative or friend. We understand the challenge and confusion experienced at this time and we hope this booklet answers some initial questions. The information in this booklet is general and details will not apply to everyone.

Medical Alert Cards

Medical alert cards aid paramedics and hospital staff, should someone living with MND require urgent care. Download the wallet sized card and the A5 fridge card, print out and fill in your details. Printed versions of the medical alert cards can be requested from a Support Advisor.


There are many websites that have useful information for people with MND and their carers. We have provided links below to some useful third-party websites containing information for people with MND and MND carers.

The inclusion of these links does not imply our endorsement of the sites (including the views expressed, any materials, products or services offered on such sites).We do not control such third-party websites, and we are not responsible for the content on such linked websites.

ALS Untangled

Helps people with MND/ALS and health professionals review alternative, complementary and off-label treatments.


Seniorline provides information on how to get help to stay at home and relief care options for caregivers. You can also call free on 0800 725 463.

David Savage: Diagnosis

Strategies for people with a life-threatening illness. These ideas may help you find mental strength while you navigate the challenges of life after your MND diagnosis.

Align, Lengthen & Strengthen Your Resilience While Living with ALS

A free e-book or PDF by Dagmar Munn, who has MND, containing practical advice for creating a resilient life while living with MND.


The following books can be downloaded, but they cannot be printed at home.