Support & Information
Living with MND

Useful equipment

There are many products available to help people with MND. Some can be supplied by your occupational therapist or physiotherapist. It is recommended to discuss products with your health professional and MND New Zealand Support Team Member to determine the best one to suit your particular need.

St John Medical Alarm

A St John Medical alarm helps people with MND continue enjoying their independence for longer. They also provide reassurance for families and friends. St John is New Zealand’s leading medical alarm provider.

MedicAlert Bracelet

A MedicAlert bracelet connects emergency crews to your medical information, 24 hours a day, whether you are in New Zealand or overseas. This includes access to your written Advance Directives that tell medical professionals and emergency services how you wish to be treated in certain circumstances.

Predictable Communication App

Predictable is a text-to-speech iPad app that uses intelligent word prediction, which learns your pattern of use, making typing and speaking much faster. You can use Predictable's voices, record your own voice saying familiar phrases, or use your voice banked ModelTalker voice (see below). Frequently used phrases can be saved for quick access. Switch accessible for those with limited hand movement. This is a paid-for app.


The ModelTalker voice-banking project provides software and assistance to help you 'bank' your own voice. Your recordings are then converted to a synthetic voice that sounds similar to your own. Your synthetic voice can be used to express almost anything, including words and phrases that were not recorded. ModelTalker also provides intelligible and natural-sounding voices for those whose speech is already impaired. This is a free service.

Equipment Services and Resources

For information on funding that may be available to you for equipment, please see the Financial Assistance page of this website.

TalkLink Trust

TalkLink Trust works with people of all ages who, due to a disability, have difficulties with speaking, writing and controlling their environment. The TalkLink Trust has contracts with the Ministry of Health and ACC which allows TalkLink to offer free specialist assessment services to eligible clients. This is a nationwide service.

Independent Living Charitable Trust

Independent Living Charitable Trust has disability information and resources, including lists of  equipment suppliers for all kinds of devices that help people with disabilities.

Disability Services

For more information on the range of services to support people with disabilities and the people who care for them, please see the Ministry of Health's Disability Services website.