We all want a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

This section of the website is dedicated to helping you find up-to-date MND research from around the world.

For the most current information, you may wish to look at the websites and videos below.


ALS News Today
A daily digital news journal that reports the latest science and research news about MND/ALS.

MND Research Blog
Research updates are regularly posted on this blog, run the the UK MND Association.

Clinical Trials Database
A comprehensive database of clinical trials for MND/ALS worldwide.

ALS Research News 
The latest research articles and news from and

In The News
The ALS Association website's news section.

The Centre for Brain Research Auckland 
The pre-eminent place in New Zealand for research into brain functioning, including MND. The Centre is linked to international research into MND. Professor Richard Faull,who leads the Centre, is the Medical Patron of MND NZ.


Helpful videos and webinars

There are some very interesting presentations online from the 2017 ALS Canada Virtual Research Forum. Click here to see the presentations available for on-demand viewing.

At the 2016 annual meeting of the International Alliance for ALS/MND Associations, Dr David Taylor of ALS Canada gave a comprehensive update about the current state of MND research.

Scientific Update - Dr David Tayor


The videos below were recorded at the MND New South Wales 'Ask the Experts' event in 2015, for people living with MND, their family and friends. They are long, but give a thorough and up-to-date education about what we currently know about MND. If you'd like to learn more about MND, these are worth watching.

About MND - Prof Matthew Kiernan‬

What’s new in MND Research? Dr Justin Yerbury

Hope, Hype and Reality - Prof Megan Munsie

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