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Patients Like Me

A website where you can share your story and medical data, and compare to others with MND/ALS. View Patients Like Me.

MND New Zealand Facebook page

Join us on Facebook for interesting and helpful articles, news updates and information. View MND on Facebook.

MND UK Forums

A discussion site run by the Motor Neurone Disease Association of the UK, with help, advice, tips and experiences. View MND UK Forum.

Familial ALS Support Group

A closed (private) Facebook group providing support, information and perhaps hope to those living with the special challenges of being part of a Familial MND/ALS family. View Familial ALS Support Group.


The purpose of this US-based forum is to exchange information about MND/ALS, scientific advances in MND/ALS, and treatments for MND/ALS. Members include people living with MND as well as their carers, family, friends, neurologists, neurodegenerative disease researchers, and pharmaceutical executives. View ALS TDI Forum.

ALS Forums

A US-based forum for people impacted by MND/ALS, for exchanging information, providing moral support, caregiver support and general help. View ALS Forums.

Mnd Virtual Meeting