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A closed (private) Facebook group for people with MND and their carers, living in New Zealand. After requesting to join, please check your Facebook Messages (under Message Requests) and reply to the page admin's private message. View Kiwi PALS.

Patients Like Me

A website where you can share your story and medical data, and compare to others with MND/ALS. View Patients Like Me.

MND New Zealand Facebook page

Join us on Facebook for interesting and helpful articles, news updates and information. View MND on Facebook.

MND UK Forums

A discussion site run by the Motor Neurone Disease Association of the UK, with help, advice, tips and experiences. View MND UK Forum.

Familial ALS Support Group

A closed (private) Facebook group providing support, information and perhaps hope to those living with the special challenges of being part of a Familial MND/ALS family. View Familial ALS Support Group.


The purpose of this US-based forum is to exchange information about MND/ALS, scientific advances in MND/ALS, and treatments for MND/ALS. Members include people living with MND as well as their carers, family, friends, neurologists, neurodegenerative disease researchers, and pharmaceutical executives. View ALS TDI Forum.

ALS Forums

A US-based forum for people impacted by MND/ALS, for exchanging information, providing moral support, caregiver support and general help. View ALS Forums.

Mnd Virtual Meeting