Research strategy

The aim of our research strategy is to develop a globally connected, comprehensive, national MND research programme that ensures all people with MND living in New Zealand receive the best evidence based care and support available, while remaining part of the international effort to identify the causes of, and ultimately a cure for, MND.

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MND Research Strategy 2019-2022

  • Why
    Best care and support until we find a cure
  • How
    Fund, promote, encourage and translate the best research
  • What
    Globally connected, comprehensive MND research programme

Our objectives

The following strategic objectives form the basis of our research programme.

  • Cure
    Advance our understanding of the causes of MND, particularly within the New Zealand environment, and connect our clients and their family/whānau to future trials and treatments.
  • Care
    Enable all people with MND, and their families/whānau, to lead the best quality of life possible through access to optimal clinical and social care using evidence-based practice.
  • Communicate
    Share the latest advances in research and clinical management with all of our MND community in a timely and comprehensible manner, to enable informed decision-making and encourage research activity and exchange of knowledge.
  • Collaborate
    Promote the best conditions for growth and development of New Zealand’s MND research by fostering national and international partnerships and exploring new opportunities for research funding.