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MND New Zealand Strategic Plan 2019-2022


31 July 2019

Strategy Document Cover

MND New Zealand are proud to share our Strategic Plan for the next 3 years. The 2019-2022 plan (July-June) is the result of the collaborative work undertaken on behalf of the MND community by MND New Zealand staff and National Council members. It is also a result of the in-depth consultation with our wide range of stakeholders via the national MND Community Survey conducted in late 2018.

The plan sets the direction for our work via our commitment to successfully delivering six strategic priorities,

  1. To strive to provide the best quality support to people living with MND
  2. To help guide health professionals so they can provide the best support and care for people living with MND
  3. To raise awareness of MND and strengthen our presence and capacity as the leading authority on MND in New Zealand
  4. To develop effective strategic partnerships and collaborations, working together to achieve more for people living with MND
  5. To develop a globally connected, comprehensive, national MND research programme
  6. To continue to improve the way we run MND New Zealand with a focus on effectiveness and sustainability, and ensuring our staff have the right tools to do the job

The focus for the next three years is on improvement, development and sustainability. MND New Zealand are confident that through this plan we can keep working hard to ensure we are making as much difference as possible in the lives of people with MND, their carers, families and whanau, right now and well into the future.

MND New Zealand would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the 2018 MND Community Survey. Your feedback was instrumental in the development of this plan and setting our strategic direction for the next three years.

Click here to download the MND New Zealand Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

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