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The Government announced this week that it has removed the last remaining mandatory COVID-19 public health requirements for a 7-day isolation period for people testing positive for COVID-19, along with the mandatory wearing of face masks for visitors to healthcare and disability facilities, will be removed.  This decision does not mean COVID-19 has disappeared. COVID-19 … Read more

In light of the most recent COVID-19 lockdown period, affecting Auckland and now lowering of alert levels again across the country, we want to let you know what we are doing in response to the current situation. In March, plans were put in place to enable Registry staff to continue to work from home using … Read more

Tomorrow New Zealand moves to Alert Level Two. It has been a long and challenging journey, so the easing of restrictions will be a relief to many, but the golden rule for Alert Level Two is to play it safe. We’re not out of the woods yet, and it’s important to remain vigilant, especially for … Read more

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has made some temporary changes to document requirements as part of the COVID-19 response. The changes are helping to make things easier for people and ensure they continue to receive support during this time. Here is an overview of some key changes they’ve made: No medical certificate renewals for … Read more

On Tuesday 28th April, New Zealand will wake up to Alert Level 3. If you’re wondering what this means as someone with an increased risk, we’ll step you through the changes and what to expect. Under Alert Level 3, there will still be significant restrictions on our day-to-day lives. The risk of COVID-19 is reduced … Read more

There’s no doubt that things are pretty challenging for most people at the moment. With any luck, we’re nearly halfway through the lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19. Adapting to this new, albeit temporary situation is a resilience test for everyone. For some, suddenly being housebound may feel restrictive. For those who are used … Read more

Having entered a nationwide Alert Level 4 COVID-19 lock-down period, we want to let you know what we are doing in response to current situation. Because the Registry is based in the Auckland DHB, we have put plans in place to enable Registry staff to continue to work from home using the hospital’s secure computer … Read more

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To all participants and potential participants in our University of Auckland/ADHB MND genetics screening and MRI scanning studies, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure that participating in our research remains safe and you don’t need to go out to have scans done or to have blood samples taken, we have decided to pause MRI … Read more

  UPDATED 30th March: we now have a dedicated COVID-19 page where you can access up to date information relevant to the Alert Level 4 Lockdown situation. Click here to access our COVID-19 page  We’re aware that people living with MND and their families may be concerned about the spread of COVID-19, also known as … Read more