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Allan’s Treebeard Inspired Half Marathon

Awareness, Fundraising

31 March 2023


In 2022 Allan Bullot completed his now legendary Lord of the Rings inspired Witch King half marathon for Motor Neurone Disease NZ. Along the way he amazed beach goers while walking over 21 kms in a 3 metre tall 15 kilo Witch King of Angmar costume; all while raising over $10,000 for support, research and advocacy for people with MND in Aotearoa.

This year he’s back at it again, but in a much bigger, and much heavier costume inspired by the beloved character Treebeard. Building upon his past experience he’s equipped this new rig with electric fans to help cope with the extreme heat, as well as a car reverse camera to help him avoid overhead hazards.

In the lead up to the Hobbiton Halfling Marathon Allan took to the Auckland waterfront beginning in St Heliers, walking to the CBD, and back again. Along the way mobs of children, fans, and curious onlookers, and even local media can barely hold back the urge to snap a photo of this unique sight, which is of course all good provided you say “trees” instead of “cheese” while posing with this legendary character.

Although the endeavour is incredibly exhausting and demanding, Allan says “I’ve seen how my friend Greg has not let MND hold him back from doing great things, so if I can do my bit to help the MND community in New Zealand, I will!”

By the end of Allan’s Auckland waterfront training half marathon, and the Hobbiton Halfling Marathon he raised an astounding $17,000 towards supporting Kiwis living with motor neurone disease and we couldn’t be more grateful to him for everything.

You can support Allan's efforts here:

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