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First MND forum research update webinar a success

Genetics, Research

10 November 2022

Mnd Webinar 81122 Plain

The inaugural webinar in the newly developed MND New Zealand Community Forum series went successfully, with an impressive turnout and high engagement during the Q&A session.

The webinar also saw the announcement of the publication of the NZ-based Best Practice Recommendations for the Care of People with MND.

“As a early stage slow progressing MND patient, a health care professional and a researcher, I thought your webinar today was perfect. Thank you so much,” was one of the many wonderful pieces of feedback received.

Thank you to Dr Alan Stanley, Dr Gethin Thomas, and Dr Molly Swanson for taking the time to share updates on your areas of research and for your ongoing dedication to understanding MND.

The webcast is now available to view on-demand in the MND NZ Webinar library. 

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