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Congratulations Fulton Hogan, this year’s recipient of the David Oliver Beacon Award!


14 December 2020

David Beacon Oliver Award presentation 2

Pictured: Caron Palmer (Deputy Chair, MND New Zealand) and Cos Bruyn (Fulton Hogan Managing Director).

Fulton Hogan is this year’s recipient of the David Oliver Beacon Award. The decision was announced at our AGM on Saturday, 31st October.

The purpose of the award is for MND New Zealand to honour, acknowledge, and celebrate individuals, groups, businesses, or services providing a positive contribution to service, care, improvement, or innovation in the management and support of people living with motor neurone disease.

This year’s theme for the award was “Excellence in Solution Finding”. Fulton Hogan was nominated for finding a solution to a huge problem highlighted by our clients and families in the 2018 Community Survey. We found that 40 per cent of people with MND (and their family and carers) had unmet practical support needs. This included assistance with work around the home and equipment for home-based care and movement.

When Fulton Hogan generously became our Foundation Corporate Sponsor in early 2019, a solution was found and the Fulton Hogan MND New Zealand Support Fund was born. The fund provides additional support to people living with MND, their immediate families, whānau, and carers, to maximise their quality of life. To date we have provided additional assistance to over 60 MND families nationwide, providing grants totalling over $50,000 towards much-needed support, including home maintenance and modifications, specialised equipment, mobility assistance, and respite care.

“Being in and contributing to our local communities means a lot to our employees and stakeholders, so we are delighted to receive this award in recognition. More importantly, it is great to see our support and assistance making such a positive difference to the people and families who need it. The help we have provided reflects only a small part of the overall support provided and I would like to acknowledge all those who work tirelessly on the frontline and in the background to help—together better,”

says Fulton Hogan Managing Director Cos Bruyn.

The award committee unanimously agreed that Fulton Hogan met this year’s theme perfectly. Our community presented a need, and they provided the solution.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to Fulton Hogan for their continued support of the MND community.

For more information on the David Oliver Beacon Award and past recipients, visit

Pictured from left to right: Di Walsh (Fulton Hogan Group Executive Manager, People), Caron Palmer (Deputy Chair, MND New Zealand), Graeme Tapp (Fulton Hogan Company Secretary), Graeme Smith, Cos Bruyn (Fulton Hogan Managing Director).

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