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Walk 2 D’Feet MND Returns

Awareness, Fundraising

6 April 2023

Chch Walk 6

Walk 2 D’Feet MND is a volunteer organised and facilitated community event created to raise awareness and vital funds for MND. With a global pandemic overshadowing everything the future of these events being in person was uncertain at best. That is until we were joined by incredibly talented volunteers from Invercargill, the Hawke’s Bay, Palmerston North, and Christchurch.

Christchurch Walkers With Banner
Christchurch Walk 2 D'Feet at South Hagley Park

Invercargill soon became the first post pandemic in person Walk 2 D’Feet, bringing the community together once again, with special celebrity guest appearances to boot. The Hawke’s Bay Walk was to follow on the events calendar, but with the recent battering of cyclones, our thoughts turned more to the safety and well being of those impacted, and the choice was made to sadly cancel this event, with the hopes of it returning next summer. The Palmerston North walk was next to step up, pun intended, with a beautiful Walk taking place along the newly completed He Ara Kotahi bridge. To finish off the Walk 2 D’Feet Summer series strong the Christchurch volunteer team came through with an even larger than expected event in their traditional venue of Hagley Park.

Invercargill Walk Banner
Invercargill Walking 2 D'Feet MND!

The sentiment that echoed across all regions taking part was how wonderful it was to see the community come together once again, forging new connections and building friendships through solidarity and shared experiences. The organisers, some of which are first time event organisers outdid themselves in pulling this series together. When combined, the Walk 2 D’Feet MND summer series brought together nearly 500 people to walk in honour, walk in support, and walk 2 d’feet MND, while raising over $15,000 to help Kiwis living with MND.

Im Walking For 1
I'm Walking For

A special thank you and more are due to the wonderful volunteer teams that made this happen. Walk 2 D’Feet will return this summer with more locations but we need you to make this happen. Get in touch today to join our incredible team of volunteers and help launch a Walk 2 D’Feet event in your area!

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