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The end of the tax year is almost here, and we’re excited!


11 March 2020


No, we haven’t lost our minds, there really is a plus side to the end of the tax year. Read on to discover what it is!

MND New Zealand is a registered charity (The Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand Incorporated – Registration Number: CC35320). If you donated to MND New Zealand during the 2019 tax year (ending on 31st March 2020), you could be eligible for a tax refund.

We estimate approximately $61,000 could be claimed on all eligible donations that we’ve received this year from our incredible supporters! See, we told you it was exciting!

Would you consider donating your tax refund to MND New Zealand?

If all of our eligible supporters claimed their tax refund and donated it to MND New Zealand, it could cover the cost to support over 40 families living with motor neurone disease for an entire year! How great is that?
On top of that, any amount you donate will then also be eligible for tax deductions…either way, you can’t lose!
How to claim
The process to claim your tax back has recently been made easier than ever before. You can now do this online, using myIR.

Setting up for the first time will take you about 5-10 minutes. From then on, the process should only take about 2 minutes per donation and can be done at any time up to 5 years after donating.

Before you start, you’ll need a couple of things…

• The receipts for the donations you’d like to claim tax-deductibility for (this can be screenshots, jpegs, pdfs – whatever you have is fine).
• Your myIR login details.

Important note: only corporate and personal donations are eligible for tax deductions. Funds donated in a lump sum from fundraising/events are not eligible.

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