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Thank you, Bunnings NZ & Supporters!

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18 June 2024

Bunnings Te Rapa Landscape

We are absolutely delighted to share that Bunnings and our wonderful volunteers raised over $30,000 on Saturday.

It has been such a privilege to work with the Bunnings staff and stores, and to meet so many people and hear so many stories of MND. Thank you for all your hard work to bring this to life and for making a difference for New Zealanders affected by MND 💙 

Our MND community is small and marginalised in a range of ways.  A diagnosis of motor neurone disease is like no other – it is a devastating neurodegenerative illness that robs people of their ability to move, talk, and eventually breathe. The average life expectancy is two to five years, often shorter. There is NO cure currently.  Some medication trials are providing improvements in the quality of life of the person, but none yet are curative.

Mark Leggett, MND NZ Chief Executive says: “from the moment of diagnosis, the clock is ticking. We see the health and disability sector doing their best with resource constraints, but there is variability in access to, and the responsiveness of services across the country. We know that equipment and house modifications that are vital for the person are often delayed or need to be self-funded.  All of this adds considerable emotional and financial burden and means that time for the person living with MND and their family or whānau is often wasted.

We want to see systems and policies in all regions support timely delivery of necessary equipment and services to people with MND of New Zealand. This supports people with MND and their families to make the most of their remaining time”.

MND NZ works to deliver as much direct service support and advocacy as possible, while also supporting research into improving those services. Your support in invaluable in helping us do this. Thank you for helping us make time count 💙

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