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MND Awareness Month: Our relationship with Fulton Hogan

Awareness, Community

24 June 2020

Fulton Hogan

It takes a team to live with the impacts of MND. Every member of the community plays a valuable part; friends and whānau, health professionals and researchers, volunteers and supporters. As our Foundation Corporate Sponsor, we’re proud to have Fulton Hogan as part of the team making a difference by supporting our vision: Together, we provide the best quality support for those living with MND.

Last year, we entered into a partnership with Fulton Hogan, launching The Fulton Hogan MND New Zealand Support Fund, which provides additional support via grants, to people living with motor neurone disease (MND), their immediate families, whānau, and carers to maximise their quality of life.

Fulton Hogan Managing Director Cos Bruyn says MND New Zealand’s focus on improving peoples’ quality of life means we have lots in common with Fulton Hogan; “This sort of practical teamwork in the community is something we do every day, and we’re pleased to help a charity that’s doing something similar in a critically important area of health.”

Since its inception nearly a year ago, the Fulton Hogan MND New Zealand Support Fund has helped over 40 families with additional support to cover transport costs, home improvements and maintenance, respite care, medical equipment, firewood, and other practical needs.

Support Team Leader Toni Foster says:

“A huge thank you to Fulton Hogan for your ongoing support. Your generosity has enabled MND New Zealand to provide an additional dimension to the level of support we can provide to MND families nationwide to help improve their quality of life.”

But the support doesn’t stop there. The team at Fulton Hogan have got onboard in many other ways, helping to raise awareness about Motor Neurone Disease through their networks and activities. They’ve held awareness talks and ‘Cuppa Tea’ events, created videos to share with their extensive followers, and some team members have also volunteered at Walk 2 D’Feet MND events and one team member participated in a cycle challenge.

Last year, Graeme, who was diagnosed with MND in 2009, was invited to Fulton Hogan’s Christchurch office to speak to employees about MND. He shared his journey with Fulton Hogan employees and when reflecting on the visit he said:

“The best way I could describe the feeling I walked away with was one of having a big brother who has your back in fighting this horrible battle with MND so many are struggling with.”

Support from corporations like Fulton Hogan makes such a difference. By partnering with MND New Zealand, they not only help provide vital support and resources, but they also help raise awareness of MND, using their reach to increase support for people living with MND by encourage others to join the team.

We’re proud and truly humbled that such an iconic New Zealand organisation that is active in communities throughout New Zealand has joined our team to support people living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Thanks for being part of the team Fulton Hogan!

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