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Medsafe confirms error with changes to Riluzole

Advocacy, Clinical News

31 October 2023

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Late last week we were advised Medsafe had updated the prescribing regime for Riluzole, a drug that can slow the progression of some types of MND.

The change indicated repeats could no longer be prescribed by GPs, and instead would have to come from a specialist.

This issue was raised directly with Medsafe, and they have confirmed the change was made in error. Individuals with MND and their carers can continue to request and receive Riluzole repeats prescribed by GPs.

The Pharmaceutical Society and Pharmacy Guild have been made aware and will advise members to share the update with pharmacy practice teams.

If you continue to have issues, please state that Medsafe have confirmed an error was made and ask them to contact Medsafe if required.

Thanks to everyone for sharing the issue with us, and for your help advocating on behalf of the MND community 💙

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