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David Oliver Beacon Award 2021

Community, Fundraising

2 November 2021

Colliers Highbrook Mnd Award

Congratulations to Greg Goldfinch and the incredible team at Colliers Highbrook, who are this year’s David Oliver Beacon Award recipients.

The David Oliver Beacon Award is awarded annually, to acknowledge and celebrate those who have made a significant contribution to the MND community.

The 2021 theme was “making a positive contribution, improvement, or innovation in motor neurone disease support or care”, which Greg and the Colliers Highbrook team have gone above and beyond with the success of their Ice Bucket Challenge during MND Awareness Month.

Following Greg’s fathers MND diagnosis in 2020, the team at Colliers Highbrook set out to raise $100,000 for MND New Zealand. With Greg driving the campaign, and getting as many people as possible involved, the team managed to raise over $200,000.

This is the largest amount raised from single supporter organised activity in MND New Zealand’s history.

This invaluable support also generated significant awareness for MND New Zealand, with more than 200 people and businesses getting involved and showing support. Greg and his team saw an opportunity and enthusiastically used their skills and network to make a huge impact.

The effects of their fundraising activity will positively contribute to the lives of those living with MND for years to come.

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