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Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month Highlights

Awareness, Fundraising

13 July 2021

Cuppa Tea

Thank you to everyone who supported Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month 2021. To those who boiled the kettle, baked the cakes, endured an icy drenching, sponsored an activity, or dropped a donation in a collection tub.

More than 30 Cuppa Tea for MND events were held across New Zealand to mark Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month. Funds are still coming in, but already these events have raised over $11,000.

Several companies took on the MND Ice Bucket Challenge and set themselves a fundraising goal. A special thank you to Active VMA, who raised over $7,000, Bluff Country Contractors, who raised over $8,000, and Colliers Highbrook, who raised a staggering $200,000!

Thanks to everyone who has bid on an item or donated in support of our awareness campaign ‘David's Unusables'. The campaign runs until September and all funds raised go to MND New Zealand. To find out more, go to David's Unusables.

More information on these activities will be included in our next newsletter.

Your support helps lead to a greater understanding of MND in the wider community, which in turn helps to increase levels of support, funding, and research to benefit those living with MND.

Thank you.

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