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Global MND/ALS Awareness Day 


21 June 2024

Cornflower MND neurones

Today is Global MND/ALS Awareness Day 💙🌏

Every year we acknowledge Global MND Day on 21 June, as it is the solstice – a turning point. It symbolises our collective hope that this year we will have a turning point in the search for a future free from MND.  

Today we are thinking of the individuals worldwide living with, and affected by, motor neurone disease. We remember those lost to MND.  

As an organisation, we continue growing support, information and advocacy to make time count for those living with MND, and we thank the extraordinary caregivers, support workers, healthcare professionals, scientists, and others that work tirelessly to make a difference, and to make time count every day.

Thank you for being with us. 

📸 Sean Keating
The blue cornflower has a fragile appearance yet hardy nature making it a symbol of hope for motor neurone disease. The image was created by Australian MND researcher Sean Keating using motor neurons with cytoplasmic TDP-43 protein (blue) and lysosomes (pink/green) from the brain of a mouse model of MND pathology.

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