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A special shoutout to Fulton Hogan

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9 November 2023

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Thanks to the support from Fulton Hogan, we can offer a range of grants to help cover some of the costs associated with a diagnosis of MND. Fulton Hogan became sponsors of the fund in 2019, greatly enhancing the MND NZ support service.

Our Regional Support Advisors work with families to navigate and access statutory support. When options have been exhausted or aren’t forthcoming, our grants can contribute towards the cost of essential equipment, give you a break away from your usual routine, help you access services to improve your wellbeing, and support the person caring for someone with MND.

In the last 12 months we granted 45 funding requests, contributing towards the costs of communication devices, bidets, respite trips, massage sessions, transport support, and more. Carers were also able to access funding for household help, take a short break to rest and recharge, or take part in a leisure activity or hobby.

We are so grateful to the team at Fulton Hogan for making a difference to people with MND and their loved ones through their sponsorship of this special support fund 💙

If you'd like to access the fund, please contact your Support Advisor.

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