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Welcome to our research blog. Here, we post snippets of interesting news related to MND research, from around the world.

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A ground-breaking MND clinical drug trial is about to launch in Scotland. The platform, MND-SMART, is a UK-wide trial which aims to find treatments that can slow, stop or reverse the progression of MND. While clinical trials usually focus on a single drug, MND-SMART will allow more than one treatment […] READ MORE

Posted on: 20th January Posted by: MND NZ

On Monday 9th December, in conjunction with the MND Research Network, we proudly hosted the Inaugural MND New Zealand Research Conference at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland. It was a momentous occasion, gathering 16 speakers, both national and international experts, to discuss the latest updates in MND Research. The Morning’s […] READ MORE

Posted on: 19th December Posted by: MND NZ

A huge thank you to all of the guest speakers and for everyone who attended. Please enjoy the video of the afternoon. If you have any questions about the presentations please contact us at any time.   Please find the presentation slides from MND Registry Curator, Kerry Walker here, and […] READ MORE

Posted on: 5th July Posted by: Carl Sunderland

As part of Awareness Week 2019, MND New Zealand launch their 3 year research strategy focusing on cure, care, communication and collaboration.  MND New Zealand’s Research Strategy aims to develop a globally connected, comprehensive, national MND research programme. Introduction Based on data from international studies, it is estimated that there […] READ MORE

Posted on: 21st June Posted by: Carl Sunderland

The first paper and findings – Occupation and Motor Neurone Disease: a New Zealand case-control study – has been published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Please click on the link below to access the paper, READ MORE

Posted on: 13th May Posted by: Carl Sunderland

MND New Zealand proudly helps fund vital research at the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland and supports the latest genetics study. Dr. Emma Scotter (Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland), Dr. Richard Roxburgh (Neurogenetics Clinic, Auckland City Hospital), and collaborators are now recruiting for a […] READ MORE

Posted on: 1st April Posted by: MND NZ

Promising research results announced this week from an Australian clinical trial using a compound called copper-ATSM show that the drug is safe and effective in the effort to defeat Motor Neurone Disease. It has taken the Melbourne-based research team 15 years of working with the compound to get to this […] READ MORE

Posted on: 17th January Posted by: MND NZ

For further details on the presentations and presenters from this year’s symposium, please go to You may also be interested in the cleverly designed ‘Periodic Table of MND Research’ summary of the symposium here  A huge thank you to the MND Association of England, Wales and Northern Ireland for sharing […] READ MORE

Posted on: 18th December Posted by: Carl Sunderland
Fight MND Symposium 2018

The first Australasian MND Symposium, held in March 2018, was an in-depth, technical, fascinating glimpse into current MND research from all over the world. We learned there are more therapeutic approaches being developed for MND than ever before, increasing the likelihood that new therapies will become available that provide a […] READ MORE

Posted on: 27th September Posted by: MND NZ
MND Community Survey 2018

Today we invite you to complete our MND Community Survey. Our service will be shaped by your input today. This is our biggest ever survey, and your response is crucial to the future strategy and direction of MND New Zealand. We would really appreciate your input.   Please complete only one of the following 5 […] READ MORE

Posted on: 20th August Posted by: MND NZ

For an easier to read format, please click here for a PDF of the text below.   Palliative Approach to MND There is increasing evidence that palliative care, integrated in a multidisciplinary approach to care, leads to improved symptoms and quality of life in pwMND and their families. These outcomes can […] READ MORE

Posted on: 25th July Posted by: MND NZ

For an easier to read format, please click here for a PDF of the text below. Multidisciplinary Clinics This summary is based information presented by Paul Talman, clinical session 6B, and discussions with staff at Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem (Dr Susan Mathers, Dr Paul Talman and Occupational Therapist Sarah Solomon). It also summarises […] READ MORE

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