Pesticides Linked To Increased Risk Of MND

Posted on: 31st August Posted by: MND NZ
Organically grown vegetables

New research has confirmed a link between pesticides and an increased risk of MND… but don’t panic and chuck out all your non-organic veggies just yet. It’s specifically to do with exposure at work to organochlorine pesticides, many of which are now banned (like DDT). Read more about this interesting line of research here. 

Dr Belinda Cupid, Head of Research at MND England, Wales and Northern Ireland, explains: “We know that people get MND due to a combination of many environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors. It’s unlikely that any single factor on its own will cause MND…. But the evidence that exposure to pesticides is a contributory risk factor towards getting MND is stacking up and I’m sure will be the focus of future research.”

So what do you think? Organic spinach and quinoa smoothie for breakfast tomorrow?

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