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Family Funded Care

Family Funded Care Update

A recent report surveying over 900 affected families and care organisations about the carer laws has been released with an overwhelming agreement for better pay, removal of the paid 40-hour-...
Claire Reilly

Prescribing of Rilutek (Riluzole) – what you need to know.

MND Community & Research Advisor Dr. Claire Reilly explains best practice when being prescribed Rilutek (Riluzole). Riluzole is the only drug funded for the treatment of MND in New Zealand....
Toni Foster

Support Team Leader Toni Foster shares on the diverse role of MND Support Team.

Meeting the needs of people living with MND and their families and carers is a vital part of MND New Zealand’s mission. Our team of 7 MND support team members...
2018 walk total

Walk 2 D’Feet Donation Results Are In!

We are thrilled to announce MND New Zealand volunteers and fundraisers have achieved an amazing $220, 532 dollars for support and research! Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and...

Response to new research on higher rates of MND in New Zealand

MND NZ welcomes research into the prevalence of motor neurone disease as we work to better understand this disease in the hope to one day find a cure. The Global Burden...

Thousands Support Sunday’s Walk 2 D’Feet MND

Thousands showed up around the country Sunday in support of their loved ones living with MND and to commemorate those they have lost. All around the New Zealand adults, children...
Blenheim comedy night

How to host a comedy fundraiser

On the 27th and 28th of July, Silvia Hodel and a friend ran a comedy weekend in Marlborough that raised nearly $13,0000 for MND New Zealand and the Graeme Dingle...
Merle Bradley worked with DOC to test accessibility of the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk

Getting into nature with MND

Holidays can be an essential way to recharge your batteries, particularly in times of stress or illness. Getting away from your normal environment and routines can really lift flagging spirits....
senior on a wheelchair at a airport looking outside

Solo travel: A personal story

This report comes from an experienced traveller who has been affected by MND for a number of years, yet has travelled solo, with his motorised wheelchair from the UK to...