Sharing Great Ideas

What are some of your best tips and tricks for coping with the challenges of MND?

Please share them with us, so we can share them with other New Zealanders who are living with MND, now and in future.


MND Scotland has put together a great list of 150 hints and tips, below.

For more tips on useful equipment, please see Useful Equipment under Living Better For Longer on this website.

Video tips

The Ladyman family have shared some tips in the videos below. Neil's wife Olivia Ladyman says the couple chose to face Neil's prognosis head-on. "There's no point hiding and not discussing things because it's not going to go away," says Olivia in the following video, where the couple share tips about keeping Olivia's role as a wife separate from that of carer and support person.

In the following video, father of three Neil Ladyman shares how MND isn't stopping him from living his life to the full. Neil includes his tips for keeping positive and says one of the most important things people with MND can do is to get out of the house and keep connected to friends and family.

Please feel free to make your own videos and send them to us!