Getting About

Most people with Motor Neurone Disease develop mobility problems to a greater or lesser extent.

It is unlikely that people living with MND will stay in bed for long periods, but you may need help moving around. Some people have a tendency to fall, sometimes without warning.

Occupational therapists and physiotherapists can advise about access around the home and assist in the provision of appropriate aids to improve mobility and safety.


Please contact your Support Worker to discuss your current and possible future needs. It can sometimes be difficult to consider your future with MND, but being prepared in advance can help maintain your quality of life.

Mobility Parking Permit

Application forms for Mobility Parking Permits, so you can use a disabled parking space, are available from your doctor or your local CCS Disability Action Office. You can also access the application form online. All applications must be certified by a doctor. Click here for more information.


Vehicle Modification Grants

The Lottery Individuals with Disabilities Fund makes grants to people with mobility- and communication-related disabilities. It may fund the purchase of a vehicle (such as a wheelchair accessible van), vehicle modifications, scooters and other mobility equipment that will provide outdoor mobility. It also provides grants to people with communication-related disabilities for the purchase of equipment to facilitate communication. Click here for more information.


Freedom Mobility

Freedom Mobility provides rental vehicles to people with disabilities. Their bases in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin have over 100 disability-modified vehicles, including:

  • hand-control vehicles
  • wheelchair hoist and wheelchair lift vans
  • wheelchair ramp vehicles
  • left foot accelerator cars, and
  • vehicles with swing-out seats


Wheelies Van Rentals

Wheelies Van Rentals provides late-model accessible vehicles for private use or  long-term hire. Based in Auckland and Christchurch.


Rod Milner Motors

Rod Milner Motors is an Auckland car dealer specialising in modified vehicles. Offers free freight anywhere in New Zealand on disability vehicles. Also provides short-term and long-term disability-friendly rental vehicles.


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