Fundraise Online

Have fun and support MND New Zealand from home!

One of the easiest, most efficient and effective ways to spread the word about your fundraising and gather donations is online. Create your own online fundraising page in just minutes, get sponsored to take on a challenge or hold an event. You can build and customise your online fundraising page and share the link with friends, family, and work colleagues to raise some vital cash.

Every donation is recorded on your fundraising page, along with a message from your donors. Create your own online fundraising page today!

Help us by creating your own online fundraiser



Show off your skill
Could you broadcast an online tutorial of just how you make that delicious chocolate fudge cake? Or perform a song with your guitar or other instrument? Ask those you know to donate a “ticket” price via your online fundraising page in order to view the video, or post a live feed on social media asking for people who watch to donate.

Sports day
Stick with the traditional three-legged race or egg and spoon race, or invent new challenges. Largest amount of dried pasta thrown in a saucepan across the room, office chair race around obstacles, football keep-ups. The possibilities are endless. Video record your challenges and share them on social media to entertain your network. Ask people to donate in support of your efforts via your online fundraising page.

Dance off
Ask those you know to donate a “ticket” price via your online fundraising page, with the promise to loop them into a live feed of  a dance-off on a set date later that week/month.



Children’s art auction
Instead of overloading the fridge with the amazing artwork your children create, why not raffle it off? Put the names of all those who donate to your online fundraising page in a hat and pick one lucky winner, who will receive the artwork as a prize. You can even live stream the draw on your social media!



Fancy dress
Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Team meetings are becoming business as usual for many of us. Why not add an element of fun and designate a meeting as a fancy-dress event? Get each of your colleagues to donate and share the online fundraising page with friends and family, with a promise to share a screenshot photo of the meeting upon reaching a fundraising target.



Half-marathon Challenge

Log the distance you are walking or running on a mobile app. Try to cover 21 kilometres over the course of a week and ask people to sponsor you via your online fundraising page. Share photos of your adventures.


Push up Challenge
Create an online fundraising page, set a date to complete your challenge and ask for sponsorship. Aim to complete a set amount of push ups. Record your challenge to show supporters the result.



Grow or shave a beard
A twist on the classic head shave fundraising idea! Create an online fundraising page and a target amount you want to raise. Once that amount is hit, it’s time for the facial hair to go! Take before and after photos or video the shave to share with those who sponsored you.

Skype dinner party
Invite friends and family from across the nation, and the world, to a dinner party. Ask those in attendance to donate to your online fundraising page.


The more people who know about your challenge, the more funds and awareness you can raise.

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