Fundraise For Us

Fundraising is a great way to get involved, connect with others on the same journey and celebrate and support your loved one. We invite you to help raise awareness and vital funds so we can continue to support people around the country affected by this disease. Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas to get an idea of the fun you can have fundraising with friends and family!

There are several ways you can help raise awareness and funds to support MND New Zealand.

Government funding cover less than 7% of our annual budget, making fundraising vital to continue to provide support around the country.

We appreciate all your fundraising efforts! Find out how you can fundraise below.

If you want to talk to MND New Zealand about fundraising, please contact Kate Dalders, Fundraising Manager via email or on 09 624 2148.

Challenge the principle – get your principle on board to complete a challenge if a fundraising goal is met (dye their hair a fun colour, take on the ice bucket challenge, get gunged etc.) Students can either vote for their favourite idea by donating or simply donate to reach the fundraising goal as soon as possible.

End of term party or school fete – Why not run a stall or organise a raffle at your end of term party or school fete? You could even try something really challenging like persuading your teachers to help you raise money for charity by getting gunged if you hit a certain fundraising target!

Sports tournament - Hold an inter-class rounders, football or netball tournament. Encourage your teachers to form a team and take on a team of pupils. Ask for donations from spectators or charge a small entry fee per team.

Put on a talent contest or play – Showcase your charge amazing singing, dancing, magic tricks and more. Charge parents an entry fee to see the performance.

Parents quiz night or race night - Test your parents general knowledge and see how competitive they are. Or if they’re tired of coming in last at quiz night, get your parents to put on their glad rags and enjoy some recorded horse racing, donate a percentage of bets placed or charge an entry fee.

Jumble sale - Gather together old books and toys and hold a sale in the school hall or playground. A great way for unwanted items to be treasured by someone else! You could run your sale like a business and everyone could take on a role in making it a success.

Email with your plans.