MND Awareness Campaigns

Awareness matters. Sharing a motor neurone disease (MND) diagnosis is difficult – and it’s much worse when you have to repeatedly explain the effects of MND to those around you. Greater public awareness of MND lessens this burden.  Every week in New Zealand, at least two people are diagnosed with MND.

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Day is held on 21st June every year. In past years we have held activities on Awareness Day, and since 2017, held an annual Awareness Week.

This year, we’re  going one step further, with the whole month of June  dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of MND.

Want to get involved  with raising awareness? Check out the ideas below.


Cuppa Tea for MND 

Cuppa Tea for MND

you can help people with motor neurone disease by getting your friends, family or work colleagues together for a Cuppa Tea for MND during Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month – June.

These events are a great way to raise awareness and educate people about motor neurone disease, as well as raise vital funds to help MND New Zealand to provide the best quality care and support for those living with motor neurone disease.

Want to host a Cuppa Tea for MND?

If you are planning to host a Cuppa Tea for MND event, please contact Kate Dalders (Fundraising Manager) to let us know.

We will send you a Cuppa Tea for MND Fundraising Pack with all the information you need.


Could you organise a group of friends, family or colleagues to hold a collection at your local supermarket, garden centre or mall during June?

Donate your time and energy to spread the word and raise funds. For advice and support to organise a collection, please contact Kate Dalders (Fundraising Manager).

Share your experience 

Whether you are living with MND, working in the health and social sector supporting those with MND, caring for someone with MND or have lost someone close to you to MND, we invite you to help raise awareness about MND and its impact on New Zealanders by sharing your story when the time feels right.

There are lots of ways sharing your story can help, including; assisting us to write more powerful funding applications, advocating for the rights of people living with MND, raising public awareness of MND, and letting other people with MND and their carers to know they are not alone in their experiences.

Click here to share your story and a member of our team will be in touch.