Australasian MND Symposium 2018 - day 2

DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND CLINICAL TRIAL DESIGN SESSION 8:30am Dr Lucie Bruijn – Opportunities and Advances in Drug Development for ALS Rate of progress in recent years is very exciting. Explore therapeutics approaches as any one could make a big impact on ALS – small molecules, antisense therapy, and biologics (stem […] READ MORE

Posted on: 23rd March Posted by: MND NZ

Another interesting finding in the ongoing hunt for MND treatments comes from University of Tokyo researchers, who have discovered that a safe, existing anti-epileptic drug called perampanel has successfully prevented the death of motor neurons in mice with an animal model of MND. Their research shows that perampanel is worthy […] READ MORE

Posted on: 8th July Posted by: MND NZ

If you looked at the motor neurones of people with MND down the microscope, you would see clumps of a protein called TDP-43. Researchers around the world are working to find why these clumps form and how they are linked to MND. Dr Jemeen Sreedharan has been looking at the […] READ MORE

Posted on: 29th June Posted by: MND NZ