MND Community Survey 2018

Today we invite you to complete our MND Community Survey. Our service will be shaped by your input today. This is our biggest ever survey, and your response is crucial to the future strategy and direction of MND New Zealand. We would really appreciate your input.   Please complete only one of the following 5 […] READ MORE

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For an easier to read format, please click here for a PDF of the text below. Multidisciplinary Clinics This summary is based information presented by Paul Talman, clinical session 6B, and discussions with staff at Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem (Dr Susan Mathers, Dr Paul Talman and Occupational Therapist Sarah Solomon). It also summarises […] READ MORE

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1. Clinical Management Golden Rules Equipment Communication Comfort Care 2. Respiratory/NIV Ventilatory assistance overnight Ventilatory assistance during the day NIV: When to start, when to stop 3. Augmentive & Assistive Communication Eye gaze Voice banking Neuronode For an easier to read format, please click here for a PDF of the […] READ MORE

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Australasian MND Symposium 2018 - day 2

DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND CLINICAL TRIAL DESIGN SESSION 8:30am Dr Lucie Bruijn – Opportunities and Advances in Drug Development for ALS Rate of progress in recent years is very exciting. Explore therapeutics approaches as any one could make a big impact on ALS – small molecules, antisense therapy, and biologics (stem […] READ MORE

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Cannabis sativa plant

With the increasing interest in medicinal cannabis for pain management and with the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill in Parliament at Select Committee, MND New Zealand wanted to be in a position to contribute to informed debate around the use of medicinal cannabis for management of the symptoms […] READ MORE

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NZ MND Research Network website

We are thrilled to announce that the website of the New Zealand MND Research Network ( launched on November 1st 2017. The Research Network website’s purpose is to provide a central location informing others of all MND-related research in New Zealand. It profiles six research groups currently doing work that […] READ MORE

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Frame from the New Zealand MND Registry launch video

The New Zealand Motor Neurone Disease Registry was launched on on Monday 22 May 2017, just eight months after 4000 participants in 14 fundraising walks all over New Zealand raised the funds to establish the Registry. Dr Claire Reilly, the coordinator of the nationwide Walk 2 D’Feet MND fundraising events, […] READ MORE

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